BAM! I enjoyed talking to local radio host Clint Strand about Blindness Awareness Month on KOHO Radio today. I was quite nervous about sharing my story with my local community.

After it aired, I received the best text from my friend Rebecca. “You sound great and assertive and approachable and kinda sexy.” The sexy part was likely due to a scratchy throat, but it made me laugh and I appreciated the encouragement!

If you missed the interview on the radio today, here it is! LISTEN TO JENELLE’S INTERVIEW

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4 thoughts on “Talk Radio

  1. Wonderful interview Janelle! You were very articulate and presented the information clearly and confidently. I think it is so important to help people understand what blindness is and what it isn’t.
    Thank you for being such an able spokesperson!

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this informative interview as well as the one with both you and Joy. You 2 are amazing powerful women that are extremely well poised! “Coming out” about your RP appears to have made you stronger and more confident than I always thought you were. 😉

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