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Yellow lab, Roja, wearing a furry lion’s mane.


Husband Ben dressed as Scarecrow, Joy in tin woman costume with guide dog Roja, dressed as cowardly lion, standing next to Elli, age 5, dressed as Glinda, and Lucy, age 9, as Dorothy.

So I was just starting to really like this Joy person.  Sure, she’s a bit chatty and won’t stop commanding that phone of hers to do different things, but she plays tug-of-war like a real champ and even lets me win sometimes.  And her kids are awesome…they let me snuggle with them as they fall asleep, and whenever Joy says it’s time to get them from school, I race to the front door to put my harness on!  But Halloween really made me question the entire Thomas family, even Joy’s chill hipster husband with the big beard.

They put this furry lion’s mane on me, and as if that weren’t embarrassing enough, they added this badge labeled “courage.” Then they all got in weird costumes too.  After getting all gussied up, they took me to this dog parade where there were tons of dogs and treats, but they had the nerve to expect me not to sniff around!  I figured it was payback time for the mane, so I barely listened to a word they said.  I’ll teach Joy not to pawn her strange human traditions off on me!  I’m a serious working dog, after all.  I can’t be bothered with this hullabaloo.

I saw Joy pack up all the costumes yesterday, though, so I’m thinking this was just a one time thing.  I’ll let it slide this time, especially since she took me to Chicago yesterday to hang out with some fellow working dogs.  I got to see Anja, who I used to play with when I lived in California.  We pawed each other like we were small pups and then snuggled next to each other in our harnesses on the floor of some taco joint they took us to.   I also got to meet a new friend named Cabrillo, and he was super friendly.

All in all, I still think Joy is a decent handler, so I think I’ll keep working for her.  Plus, she just got these new lamb treats that I really can’t pass up.  You should see the drool that hangs from my mouth when I catch a glimpse of these things!

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Jane, Joy and Pam, with guide dogs Anja, Roja and Cabrillo.

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8 thoughts on “Wizard of What?

  1. Thank you Roja, you really tell it like it is. Keep loving Joy, she is amazing!
    Oh by the way Roja, I love going grocery shopping with you!

  2. Roja! Hang in there buddy – I wasn’t so sure about Joy myself the first few months we shared a very small space together….but she tends to grow on you. That mane she put on you was ridiculous, but you rocked it!


  3. Lucky you, R. At least the costumes are packed away after one day. Around here, Mom dresses me every time we go to do therapy work at the VA or the library.

    Love and licks,

    • Ooh, wow Cupcake, that’s rough. Ruff! I guess I should count my 4-legged blessings that the costumes are sealed away!

  4. Oh, dear Roja, the humans are new to this and you are the cutest coward I have ever seen. Have patience with them, for they know not what they do. Next year you may score some skittles when the wee one is not looking. I thank you for taking such good care of Joy and not showing your ‘tail’ to the new guide dogs!

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