There’s something deeply satisfying about completing a stack of thank you notes.  So I can’t help but continue to write more.  Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

Thank you mannequins, uh, I mean, excuse me.  I mean, I’m sorry I bumped you.  Wait.  You’re not a real person?

Lady Who Was Not Just Talking to an Inanimate Object

Thank you cultural customs of greeting with handshakes and offering congratulations with high fives, for providing me the opportunity to leave everybody hanging.

With Gratitude,
Tunnel Vision 

Thank you dimly-lit office party, for adding mystery to my life as I try to decipher if I’m having a conversation with Jan from accounting or Barb from HR.  Either way, I’m just as thrilled to be spending my free time mingling with the people who surround me 40+ hours a week.

Your Night Blind Colleague

Thank You Eager Helper, for making my every movement your top priority.  When you are not around, I am unable to do anything for myself.

Helpless in Seattle

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One thought on “More Thank You Notes

  1. I saved these to read when I had some extra time. Love these, Jenelle!
    (My computer didn’t want to play the audio files this time though, not sure why. I’ll have to try the post on my phone. )

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