My mom sent me this list, and I read it on a day I really needed a different perspective.  After my kids’ ride to their theater rehearsal cancelled, it was too late to call an Uber, so I had to quickly ask a neighbor to drive them.  She was in the middle of cooking dinner for her family and seemed stressed by my request, and since inconveniencing people is always a fear, I felt like a complete burden.  If it hadn’t been one of their last practices before their big show, I would have just had them skip it in order to avoid having to ask.  Even when people tell me they are happy to be helping me out, I still feel like I’m imposing on their day.  Reading my mom’s perspective helped me to see that there are some benefits for the driver, or at least my generous mom chooses to see the benefits!  Even though I live too far from her to regularly enjoy the benefits of riding with her (lucky duck, Jenelle!), I am grateful to know all of the many reasons she considers her chauffeuring days a gift.  Thanks mom!  

Visual Description: Joy and Jenelle with their mother, Judy, decked out in snow gear with a snowy background.

Visual Description: Joy and Jenelle with their mother, Judy, decked out in snow gear with a snowy background.

  1. Quality time talking, planning family events and attempting to solve the world’s problems.
  2. Someone to share an “adventure” with.  My family knows my motto is “life is an adventure” (which I say every time I get lost driving somewhere).
  3. More chances to see my grandchildren.
  4. Better price shopping because two heads are better than one.
  5. I swear less at rude drivers.
  6. I get to research good parks to play at.
  7. It provides an opportunity for my old brain to practice multi-tasking.
  8. It reminds me to clean my car more often.
  9. It keeps me from taking the gift of driving for granted; I am very grateful. In a few years, I’m sure I will need someone to start “driving Miss Judy”.
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7 thoughts on “9 Reasons I Love Driving My VI Daughters (and grandkids!) Places (guest post by Judy Derpack)

  1. Thanks Mom! It’s so humbling to have to ask for rides for myself and kids, and yet you have a way of making me feel like I’m doing YOU a favor!

    Forever, Grateful,

  2. Ha ha! It’s always an adventure with you.
    Can I add #10? I get exercise shoveling out snow to get the darn car out!

  3. Love it! Judy is such a great mom and grandmother! Leave it to her to find the positive in everything. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  4. I too can struggle with asking people for help. I have so many of the same feelings, but then I remember that I love to help people. It makes me feel so wonderful and so I place that same fabric on to the people who are offering the help. It helps me to accept their offer. I have always been so independent so asking for help has been one of the hardest parts about not driving but I do believe it makes me a better person when I can become vulnerable and reach out. but it’s hard.

    All of your Mom’s benefits are great too! 🙂

  5. Joy,
    Your mom is truly an inspiration. She’s right. For me, driving grand kids or daughter-in-laws around provides special bonding time that I might not otherwise have. I always get new insights and perspectives on their lives through those times.
    Don’t feel guilty for asking. People can always say no.
    Best regards,

    • Thanks Susan! I’m sure your grandkids and daughters-in-law love the time with you! I often forget that grandparents help with rides in all sorts of scenarios, not just vision loss!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Judy’s perspective is filled with so much love and humor. And what a great photo of you three lovely ladies. As a daughter with vision loss, it can be so tough to ask for rides, but supportive family eases that stress.

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