IMG_2836A bronze locket is just a shimmering piece of metal in the same way that a white cane is just a long plastic stick.  Neither of them hold any meaning.  Unless you attach it.

The story of my locket begins in a silent monastery in Kentucky, amid rolling hills, Trappist monks, and the clinking of ice water carried steadily on a tray, almost a year ago. Continue reading

bedtime stories

Jenelle and I telling our kids bedtime stories on a recent shared vacation

My twin sister and I have always had a strong connection despite years of people comparing us to those Sweet Valley High books we grew up reading (yes, I’m clearly the nerdy journalist, Elizabeth, and she is the popular cheerleader, Jessica).

People have always asked us whether we have ESP or any shared twin language. While for the most part, the answer is no, I did awake with strong stomach pains in the middle of the night without knowing that she was going into labor 2,000 miles away and sat straight up in bed the moment she had her second child, on the shared birthday of my older child. Beyond that, we have no known twin quirks. Continue reading

It’s been a rough few months.  Our entire family took turns suffering from everything from the stomach flu to pneumonia, I went through a miscarriage and bad reaction to anesthesia, and we moved from my in-laws’ house (where we lived for 8 months.) in the middle of it all.  Oh, and did I mention that my husband is in ministry? . . . And given that this all was happening right before Easter, his schedule was pretty crazy.

So this move — though it occurred at a difficult time — was a move forward.  If you’re wondering how this relates to RP, I’ll give you a little of the back-story on why we chose to Continue reading

The FFB featured an article and video on safety in the kitchen last week that I found interesting, helpful, and somewhat funny.  I hadn’t really given a lot of thought to safety in the kitchen from an RP standpoint, but it’s something that I’d like to be more conscious of going forward.  I am pretty comfortable in the kitchen, but I have learned that getting too comfortable in any area of life is often the time that RP sneaks up and yells “surprise!” in the form of something like a bruised leg (coffee table – 2 days ago). Continue reading

I love summertime for a variety of reasons, but the main reason I love summer is that it stays light outside until almost 10pm here in WA.  For a person with night blindness, this makes a big difference.  It means I can stay outside playing with my daughter, riding bikes, and walking to/from town for yoga, gelatto, shopping – just to name a few of my favorite activities – well into the evening hours.  But I often feel like Cinderella, losing track of time as the clock ticks closer to nightfall.  Most of the time I’m very good at planning ahead to make sure that I am in a safe, well-lit place when the sun sets.  But at a recent family reunion, the planning wasn’t exactly up to me. Continue reading