Hopefully our readers won’t find this post too petty or boring.  Not a good start, I know.  But sometimes it’s more than just the not driving that really gets to me.  RP also interferes with my love of fashion – shoes in particular.  While other fashionistas my age are strutting around in sexy high heels, I choose to wear flats or kitten heels most of the time.  It’s not that I can’t walk in heels – trust me – I have excellent balance and a pretty high threshold for foot pain.  The risks are just too great considering I often miss a curb or trip on a rock in my path, and catching myself from falling is rather challenging in high heels.

This summer I didn’t exactly have a choice, though.  I was a bridesmaid in a dear friends wedding, and the gorgeous shoes she chose for us just happened to be 4 inches tall.  Nervous doesn’t begin to describe how I felt about sauntering down an aisle in front of 200+ people in these tricky gold heels.  Luckily, each bridesmaid had an escort, so I managed the ceremony just fine.  But then more nervous butterflies entered my stomach when I learned that we would need to walk through a dimly lit reception as our names were announced in front of the seated dinner guests.  I convinced my escort that we should enter the reception skipping instead of walking as our names were announced.  I figured it would look less ridiculous if I fell down while skipping vs. walking.  Plus, skipping is a lot of fun.

Not only did I successfully skip to my dinner seat, but I also managed to dance the night away in these same heels (with a lot of help from my fantastic husband).  I realize the ending to this story might be somewhat disappointing for those of you looking for a good laugh.  But don’t worry – I have RP, so there are plenty of funny embarrassing stories to come! Especially if I decide to wear these heels to a dark restaurant….