Tip #8: Live Your Life and Allow Your Child to do the Same

 With July upon us, I couldn’t resist squeezing this final tip into the series!
All of our tips are meant to be incorporated into your vibrant, rich lives.  They are not meant to be at the forefront of your mind or schedule at all times.  Focus on the approach you’d like to take and the advice that seems to make sense for your child, integrate it into your lives, and then move forward.

Allow your child to just live life…. make friends, get involved in activities, go on dates, go through break-ups, ace a test, fail a test, travel, learn things the hard way at times, and discover who they are outside of the label of blindness.
 I find certain online chat groups related to vision loss to be helpful, especially for specific issues at designated times, but I’ve seen people who let these groups and their blindness-related topics become their whole worlds.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but it’s just a very small world.
If our blog consisted only of tips for dealing with vision loss but was devoid of the stories of us actually living our lives, we’d be missing a lot of depth.  It’s our stories— all those humorous and sacred moments we call life— that really connect us as humans.
Our sacrifice as parents is to put aside our own fears and hesitations long enough to allow our children to grab hold of those moments.  Enjoy your summer!
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4 thoughts on “Live the Life You Want: Advice for Parenting Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired Tip #8

  1. I find this bit of advice so true. Most people think my blog is all about blindness. I’d say yes and no. It’s a blog about living life as normally as possible as a blind mom in the suburbs who also has a daughter following in her footsteps with optic atrophy.

    • Yes, just moving on with life. I love your blog, Terri, by the way! I need to subscribe so I can get updates every time you post!

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