If there’s one thing our mom taught us, it’s to write thank you notes.  When we were kids, we absolutely could NOT play with our new toys until those thank you notes were sealed and dropped into the mailbox.  So when late night show host Jimmy Fallon started writing satirical thank you notes in front of a live audience, we knew our mother would applaud.  Then we read author and blogger, Jen Hatmaker’s mommy thank you notes, and we developed a conspiracy theory that our mother was somehow behind this thank you writing trend.

That got us thinking…has anyone written thank you notes from blind people? We haven’t seen any.  But if we missed it, please let us know, and we will start working on our apology notes immediately.

Thank you dishwasher, for always being wide open when I’m plowing through the kitchen.  I love how you announce your presence by pushing abruptly into my shins.

Yours Truly,
Bruised Blind Lady

Thank you stranger giving me directions, for telling me that the place I’m looking for is “right over there”, and then promptly walking away before I can further inquire which direction your invisible hand was pointing.  You have been most helpful today.

Lost in Louisville

Thank you mother of small child at Starbucks, for loudly telling your child how thankful they should be for their eyes after I walk by you with my cane.  Without you, I may not know that I serve as a constant reminder for people to count their blessings.  

Your Inspirational Blind Person

Thank you potluck dinner for putting me on the edge of my seat with every bite.  That appetizing macaroni salad made my taste buds stop in their tracks when it revealed itself as fruit cocktail smothered in marshmallow sauce.  The creamy avocado dip sent bullet holes through my brain when it turned out to be wasabi.  The delectable surprises are endless and I am forever grateful to you for that.

Low Vision Foodie

And it wouldn’t be fair to thank the potluck dinner, without also thanking the serving utensils.  So, thank you serving utensils, for blending effortlessly into your surroundings.  I enjoy  awkwardly fumbling around in search of you, while dipping my pinky finger in the bowl of hummus as I grope.  Thank you for providing this fun Where’s Waldo game of finding the salad tongs.  

Forever Grateful,
Partially-Sighted Potluck Lover

Thank you especially large cracks in the sidewalk for providing me the opportunity to abruptly stab myself in the chest with a long white cane.  

Blind Guy Walking

We want to read your thank you notes, too! Please comment with your own notes of gratitude.  Our mother insists.

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16 thoughts on “Thank You Notes

  1. I watch Jimmy Fallon. Yours are even funnier than his. Thanks for sharing. You gave me a good laugh!

    • Thanks Laura! I’m so glad you recommended “For the Love”, which inspired me to write these thank you notes!

      Miss you!

  2. Until two weeks ago my wife had been blind for 26 years due to a Tumour on her Pituitary Gland.
    miraculously it shrunk suddenly restoring all her sight save what she lost during a stroke 2 years ago. Yes these notes are funny

    • Wow, that is incredible! I have read a few stories of people who were blind and had vision restored and it sounds like quite an adjustment. I’m glad you enjoyed the thank you notes, and I hope your wife did, too!

  3. We watch Fallon also and love his thank you notes, but I agree yours are funnier!
    We like making up TY notes of our own in the “Fallon style” so this really made me crack up. Love your humor!!
    BTW–Your mom did well in getting TY notes engrained in your heads, I have not done as well with my kids. 🙁

    • Well, I think your kids have you fooled b/c I rec’d a VERY nice TY note from Tristin after I sent him a graduation card. Not a present or money, just a card, and he STILL wrote a nice TY note. So good job, mama! BTW – I would love to hear some of the TY notes that you and Steve come up with while you’re watching the show….

  4. Haha! Perfect. Too funny. Yours are better than Jimmy’s, Jenelle.

    And my sister and I also had to write TY’s before we could play all day with gifts. It kinda becomes routine eventually. It’s nice to know other kids wrote TY’s, too!

    • Thanks Susan! We should take a poll to see how many bloggers were forced to writer TY notes as children. Perhaps there is some correlation. Haha


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