It’s Friday afternoon and you’re almost there….weekend bliss! Take a 10 minute break from whatever you’re doing to learn about “Stranger Danger” from our friend Keith.  We’ve been a fan of Keith’s blog for quite some time and enjoy his honest witty style of story-telling.  Enjoy listening on your commute home today!  

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4 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Break Time

  1. Thank YOU so much for posting this story! I feel so honored to be a part of your awesome blog and feel so lucky to have you both as friends in my life! Cheers! keith

    • I’m behind you! That seriously cracked me up, Keith. As a VIP, I can definitely relate. Hope to see you soon!


    • So grateful to have you as a friend, Keith! Jenelle tried posting your video on Facebook, and it wouldn’t let her. FB is being so weird with outside links lately!

      • thanks to both of you for your words! The link is an audio link to soundcloud so that is probably the reason for the FB issues. I’m surprised the link to my blog entry didn’t work. hmmmmm. Let me know if there is a way I can help. Maybe I could share the link in a FB message to you. I will try!

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